[YMMV] American Express Transfer Bonus: 10%-20% To Aeroplan

Update 9/22/19: Looks like more people are targeted.

Update 5/6/19: Not sure if this ever went away, but reports are showing it again for some people. Hat tip to OMGitzSARS

The Offer

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  • You can currently receive a 10%-20% transfer bonus when you transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to Air Canada Aeroplan miles Normally you can transfer 1,000 MR points and receive 1,000 Aeroplan, during this promotion you’ll receive 1,100-1,200 instead (1:1.2 maximum).

The Fine Print

  • No end date published

Our Verdict

What’s weird about this particular offer is that once you view the promotion it’s not showing a second time (e.g once you click through you need to transfer then and there otherwise you won’t get the promotion to show again). I suspect this is an error and it will be fixed, but if you see the offer don’t click it unless you actually want to transfer miles across. American Express has had the following Aeroplan transfer bonuses previously:

  • [Targeted] November 12th – December 12th, 2017: 20% transfer bonus
  • November 21st – December 16th, 2011: Up to 25%/25,000 miles (Conversion based on how many miles you transfer. Lowest level transferring 5,000 miles gets 1,000 mile bonus. Highest level 100,000 mile transfer earns 25,0000 mile bonus. More information here)
  • November 22nd – December 5th, 2010: Up to 25%/5,000 mile bonus (1,000 mile bonus if you transfer 5,000 to 9,999 miles, 2,000 mile bonus if you transfer 10,000 to 19,999 miles, 5,000 mile bonus if you transfer 20,000 miles or more). Maximum of one bonus per.

As you can see, they are rare. Keep in mind Air Canada and Aeroplan have agreed to terms for Aeroplan to be reacquired by Air Canada.  You can view a full list of current and previous American Express transfer bonuses here. Other current transfer bonuses are:

Hat tip to OMaaT

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